competition team

Dance on Broadway is so excited to welcome you to our inaugural competition team. We are thrilled to lead you through this year of growth, change, and opportunity.

As Dance on Broadway nears its first birthday, we have so much to be thankful for. Our students have grown immensely since the beginning of the 2020-21 season, not only as dancers, but as people. Our goal with this competition team is to continue fostering their growth and to create a familial environment that becomes their second home. 

This season, we hope that dancers will enjoy snacks between rehearsals and laugh with each other about inside jokes. They will cheer for their teammates as they perform their routines, they will help their friends when they’re feeling down, and they will create a Dance on Broadway family that continues long after their competition years. These dancers will be team players: mentally strong, emotionally resilient, and endlessly supportive of their friends. We cannot wait to see how they grow throughout their time as Dance on Broadway competitive dancers.



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about competition team

Why join the competition team?

Joining the competition team is a way for dancers to make lifelong friends and develop their discipline and teamwork skills for the future. Not only will they learn to handle criticism, take corrections, and work toward becoming better dancers, but they will also have so much fun!


What styles will the group routines be?

The Mini Team (ages 5-7) consists of one group dance of jazz/hip hop. The Silver Company (ages 7-10) has jazz and hip hop routines. For the Gold and Platinum companies (ages 9+), we have jazz, hip hop, and contemporary group routines.  We also have a production routine that includes everyone on the team, and this is in a jazz/hip hop style.


Can my dancer do a solo, duet, or trio?

All dancers are eligible for a duet or trio, and dancers 9 years or older are eligible for a solo. However, please be aware that some of these will rehearse on weekends. If your dancer is only available during the week, we will do our best to accommodate.


Technique Class Requirements

Mini Team: Two combo classes, and they can choose between Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Jazz, and Jazz/Hip Hop.


Silver Company: One ballet technique class, and one class for every group routine they are in (i.e. if they are in a jazz group, they need to be in a jazz class.) We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that they also take one other technique class and Leaps and Turns.


Gold Company: One ballet technique class, one jazz class, and one contemporary and/or hip hop (depending on what routines they are in.) We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that they also take one other technique class and Leaps and Turns.


Platinum Company: One ballet technique class, one jazz class, one contemporary and/or hip hop class (depending on what routine they are in) and Leaps and Turns. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that they take a second and/or third ballet class, and take a pointe class.


**Every dancer with a solo/duet/trio is required to take Leaps and Turns EXCEPT the Mini Team.**


Feb 11-13: FLY Dance Competition (Gold and Platinum required)

March 11-13: KAR Dance Competition (Mini, Silver, Gold, and Platinum required)

March 26-27: Hollywood Connection (Optional for all)

May 6-8: Nexstar National Talent Competition (Platinum required)


These will all be in the Chicagoland area. A breakdown of the schedule will be released 7-10 days before each event. The teams that are required to attend that competition are listed. However, dancers can attend more competitions than required if everyone in their routine agrees.