STudio Buildout

All Studios equipped with:

  • Mirrors along at least one of the walls

  • Sprung Marley floors

  • State-of-the-art sound equipment to accommodate iPhones, iPads or laptops.

  • Separate men's and women's dressing rooms and restrooms

Studio A


Studio A is 1125 Square Feet, and measures 45 x 25

Studio b


Studio B is 784 Square Feet, and measures 28 x 28

Studio c


Studio C is 600 Square Feet, and measures 20 x 29

Space Usage:

Permitted Uses: Rehearsal, Theatre or Music Class, Auditions, Photo/Film Shoot, Reading, Meeting Discipline: Dance, Music, Theatre, Film Restrictions On Use: No alcohol, food, or drinks are permitted inside the studio space. No street shoes are allowed to be worn on the dance floors.Tap shoes are only to be worn in Studio C. Studios may not be rented for the teaching of dance classes.