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competition team

Dance on Broadway is so excited to welcome you to the fourth season of our competition team. I’m Sydney, and as Competition Coordinator, I am thrilled to lead you through another year of growth, change, and opportunity.

Our team had an exciting three seasons. The dancers did extremely well at each competition, earning multiple top placements, special awards, and recognition for their hard work. Additionally, the friendships with their teammates grew and they gained discipline, perseverance, and mutual respect. Every Dance on Broadway instructor is so proud of these students, and it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow.

As we enter our fourth year, I intend to strengthen the familiar environment we’ve built together and foster their growth as dancers and young people. They will learn what it means to be a part of a team and how to best support one another. This includes cheering for their teammates as they perform their routines, helping their friends when they’re feeling down, and creating a Dance on Broadway family that continues long after their competition years. Our dancers are team players: mentally strong, emotionally resilient, and endlessly supportive. I look forward to witnessing their personal and communal growth. 

Please read through this handbook to further understand the team commitments and expectations. It’s going to be an incredible year!


Sydney Jones 

Competition Team Coordinator


These will all be in the Chicagoland area. A breakdown of the schedule will be released 7-10 days before each event. The teams that are required to attend that competition are listed. However, dancers can attend more competitions than required if everyone in their routine agrees.

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