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Dressed to Dance exists to increase access to dance by eliminating some of the barriers to participation. We provide dancewear and costumes–which can be prohibitively expensive–to young Chicago dancers who need them. 

Dancing is a creative, expressive, fun medium that’s also great exercise! Participating in classes brings many young people unforgettable personal development opportunities, memories, skills, and confidence that lasts a lifetime. However, many classes, such as ballet, require special clothing and shoes, which can be prohibitively expensive–especially when combined with the cost of the classes themselves. 


Additionally, competitions, recitals and performances often require the purchase of expensive costumes, many of which are never used again. By recycling these garments, we are not only providing opportunities for dance to people who might not otherwise have them, but we are eliminating clothing waste.

If you have dance garments to donate, or know an organization who would benefit from Dressed to Dance, please get in touch below!

meet the team

My name is Sara, and I am a high school freshman from Chicago. I have been dancing since the age of two. Over the years, I’ve danced jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, modern, acro, musical theater, and more! Dance has given me a means to express myself, a way to feel comfortable expressing myself in front of audiences, and more confident in my own skin. 


Competing has brought me a multitude of new friends and dance “families,” and helped me to develop a work ethic, resilience, and stamina. Competitions have taken me all the way to Florida (where I won at nationals!), and this year, I’ll be dancing in Arizona. 


I’ve been so fortunate to be able to dance throughout my life. However, I understand that there are costs associated with dancing and competing that make it inaccessible to some people. That is why I founded Dressed to Dance: to eliminate barriers to dance.


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