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Welcome to the 2023/2024 season at Dance on Broadway! We are so happy to have you as a part of our growing community and thrilled to have your dancer joining us for our 4th season as a studio! In this handbook, you will find our policies, important dates and information, and everything else you need to know to assure your dancers are prepared for their classes at Dance on Broadway!


3126 N. Broadway, Chicago IL 60657


Phone Number

(773) 661- 9252


Important Emails - General Information - Studio Coordinator - Competition Director - Marketing/Social Media - Administrative Assitant

Important Dates

January 8th, 2024: Start of Winter/Spring 2024 Session


May 27th, 2024: Memorial Day - STUDIO CLOSED

May 31st, 2024: MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal at Latin School of Chicago

June 1, 2024: Annual Recital  - Latin School of Chicago 



Arrival to the Studio

The studio is open 15 minutes prior to the start of the first class of the day. Please drop your dancer off at least 5 minutes before their scheduled class so they have time to prepare for class accordingly. 


Adults may not enter the dressing rooms to change their dancers. Adults may assist changing their dancer in the bathroom ONLY if it is the first class of the day. Please do your best to have your dancer arrive dressed for dance class to the best of their ability.


Adults are not permitted to go past the lobby of the dance studio while class is in session to avoid distractions of the dancers. (exception: Lovebug Tots). 


Dancer Pick Up

Dancers will be released from class to parents outside the studio by our front desk staff. Please try to come to the door or in the lobby to assure each dancer safely exits the studio. 


Makeup Policy

Dance on Broadway understands that illness, travel, and other conflicts may occur throughout the dance session. We will permit up to 3 makeup classes for your dancer. Your dancer may attend another class of the same age group to make up for a missed class. Makeup classes MUST be scheduled during the same session in which the class was missed. You must call the studio or email to schedule a make up class. It is important that your dancer attends their regularly scheduled class as much as possible to assure they are progressing with the rest of the class.



All items of technology but be silenced and kept in your dancers dance bag. Smart watches must be silenced and if they are seen as a distraction, must be put away.



At Dance on Broadway, our number ONE priority is to create a safe space for all of our students. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or mistreatment of any kind. Students are expected to treat their teachers and fellow dancers with respect. Additionally, we do not tolerate damage to property.


If dancers engage in any harmful behavior at the studio, we will uphold the following policy:


  1. Verbal offenses: We will follow a three-strike policy. If a dancer says something hurtful to a teacher or student, we will immediately speak with the parents/guardians. 

  2. Physical harm or Threat of physical harm: If a dancer harms someone or threatens to harm someone, including but not limited to pushing, pulling hair, hitting, or punching, they will not be welcome back at the studio.

  3. Damage to the studio: If a dancer damages anything in the studio, including sound equipment, plumbing, or personal property of another dancer or teacher, their family will be responsible for replacing the damaged item.


Accident Policy

If your dancer is new to potty training, we ask that you please make sure there is a change of clothes in their dance bag and that you inform the teacher and front desk staff. Please make sure your young dancer knows that they can tell their teacher if they have to go to the restroom but also make sure that they use the bathroom right before class! Accidents do happen and these are the steps that will be taken if an accident happens during your young dancer’s class:


  1. Front Desk staff will be informed 

  2. See if dancer has a change of clothes in dance bag

  3. Front desk staff calls dancer’s parent

  4. Inform parent and ask:

    • If they would like to drop off clothes (if there is a lot of time left in class) or pick up dancer


  • If that is not an option, ask if they would like you to purchase the outfit from the store (no tights) and the card on file will be charged


Dance on Broadway faculty and staff will assess dancers the first few weeks of class. If they feel that any dancer is at the incorrect level for their age and/or ability, we will reach out to find a better fit for your dancer. Please know that your dancer’s level does not reflect their value as a dancer but one that will allow them to grow and improve in the best way possible. 


Low/No Enrollment 

After the first 2 weeks of the session, any class with under 2 dancers will be pulled from the schedule. Dance on Broadway will work to find a class that works for any dancers in a canceled class. If an alternative is unavailable or does not work for the dancer, a full refund will be applied.


Your entry onto the premises of Dance on Broadway will constitute your consent to use any photographs or videos taken that may contain your dancer’s image. If you would not like photos or videos taken of your dancer, please email

Snow Days/Inclement Weather 

In the event of inclement weather, DOB will send out an email if classes are canceled for the day. We will also post on social media (@danceonbroadwaychi) and a pop up on our website. If you are unsure if the studio is open due to inclement weather, please email If classes are canceled, your dancer will be eligible for a makeup class. 


The 2024 Recital will be on Saturday June 1st at the Latin School of Chicago. There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal on Friday May 31st also at the Latin School of Chicago. All dancers lovebug and older (no tots) will be participating in the recital. Please save these dates and stay tuned as we release more details including the showtimes. 

The entire Dance on Broadway team is excited to have your dancer a part of the DOB family! We are grateful for your support and look forward to another amazing year of dance and memories!


The dress code at Dance on Broadway will be strictly enforced to ensure all dancers can receive the proper corrections from our faculty. You can purchase all required shoes and apparel for the dress code at the DOB retail store in the lobby of the studio! It is as follows:


Lovebug/Mini Classes:

  • Shoes

    • Combo Class: Ballet or Jazz shoes AND Tap Shoes

    • Ballet: Ballet Slippers

    • Hip Hop: Clean Sneakers 

    • Tap: Tap Shoes

    • Jazz: Jazz Shoes

    • If enrolled in a combination of any of the above: Both Shoes

    • If enrolled in a Combo Class (Ballet/Tap/Jazz): Tap Shoes and either Ballet OR Jazz shoes

  • Clothing

    • Option A (Combo, Ballet, Tap, Jazz): any colored leotard with an attached skirt in any color. Tights are preferred, and hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

    • Option A (for Hip Hop) and Option B: any solid colored tee shirt, leggings, joggers or athletic shorts


Levels 1-3 and Competition Team:

  • Ballet and Pointe 

    • Option A: Black leotard with Pink or Skin Toned footed or convertible tights. Ballet skirt permitted. Pink ballet slippers without drawstrings. Pointe shoes for Pointe class.

    • Option B: White or black leotard or tight fitted top. Black tights with feet or black joggers. Black ballet slippers without drawstrings. 

    • Only minimal jewelry allowed.

    • Hair must be worn in a secure bun. 

  • Jazz and Musical Theater

    • Leotard or tight fitted top

    • Black tights, jazz pants or leggings

    • Tan or black jazz shoes

    • Hair must be neatly pulled back in a ponytail or bun

    • Only minimal jewelry allowed.

  • Modern and Contemporary, Acro

    • Leotard or tight fitted top

    • Black footless or convertible tights or leggings

    • Hair must be neatly pulled back in a ponytail or bun

    • Barefoot

    • Only minimal jewelry allowed.

  • Hip Hop

    • Any workout wear permitted

    • Leggings or joggers

    • Athletic shoes with white soles not worn outside

    • Hair pulled back

    • Knee pads if needed

    • Only minimal jewelry allowed.

  • Tap 

    • Any workout wear permitted

    • Leggings or joggers

    • Tap shoes 

    • Hair pulled back

    • Only minimal jewelry allowed.

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