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rachel cozart

Originally from Metro-Detroit, Rachel took after her mother and started dancing at 2 years old. Post graduation, she attended The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts in Southern California, a conservatory program & non-profit that uses the arts to empower youth around the world. Following a year of outreach and performance in California, she eventually toured the United States, Europe, and Japan teaching music and dance across ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Rachel moved to New York in 2017 and began performing in the Walt Disney Theater on board Disney Cruise Line in 2018 as a dancer and aerialist in the Mainstage productions of Beauty and the Beast, The Golden Mickeys, and Disney’s Believe. She continued with DCL and served as the Dance Captain for her casts throughout 2020-2021 while also studying to achieve a degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan, Flint. She is elated to be starting a new chapter of her career here in Chicago and will always seek opportunities to collaborate with performers of all ages to build fulfilling, compassionate, and balanced lives in both dance and beyond. 

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