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emmanuel crespo

My name is Emmanuel Crespo. I am a Latin Dance instructor, performer and competitor. My dance journey began in high school where I’ve learned the basics in Salsa and Bachata in which I continued to improve my craft well into my college days. While studying at UIC, I began to instruct a dance team known as Fuego Dance Crew at the time. From 2015-2020 I have been the lead director of Fuego up until the pandemic in which I have had to put the team on hold. Within that time I have also thought a number of high school dance teams. I have also taken my Fuego team across the country performing in grand Latin events from California all the way down to Miami and have even had the opportunity to perform at Disney world. As a competitor I have fortunate to have competed in 3 world competitions, all in which my partner and I have placed (World Salsa Summit 2021 1st Place Bachata Semi-Pro, Euroson Latino 2021 2nd Place Bachata Semi-Pro, Euroson Latino 2022 3rd Place Bachata Semi-Pro). Currently I am still training for the next competition this summer and setting in motion to bring my team Fuego back onto performing. 

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