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david ingram

David was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, where he grew up as a self-taught hip-hop freestyler and battle dancer. The majority of David's training came from Columbia College, where he trained under the tutalage of Emily Stein, Kirby Reed, Malik Camara, Darrell Jones, and Jeff Hancock in the styles of ballet, modern, jazz, African, and contemporary. In addition to his treaining, David has performed with several hip-hop dance crews such as UDF (Urban Dance Force), Pure Renditionz, and T13 among others.  Along with his dance background David has an extensive background in martial arts specifically the style of Ninjitsu. David aslo fell very fond of the hip-hop style of K.R.U.M.P. which he has fused with his contemporary background on several occasions.  David debuted with the fusion company, Chicago Dance Crash, as a second company member in 2008 and was promoted to the full company in 2012. While being with the company David has had the opportunity to work with various choreographers such as Mikey Rioux, James marrow Lizzie Mackenzie, Nick Pupillo, the late Paul Christiano, late Ronn Stewart, and Jessica Deahr who aslo is his artistic director before his retirement in 2018. After David's retirement he has been focusing on teaching, choreography, and freelancing. David has done various dance films with the likes of Chicago Dance Crash, Willow Creek Community Church etc. David has also freelanced several times with C5 and has also been installing (producing) show with Royal Caribbean through C5.

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