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Beg/Int Ballet

Students will continue to develop proper alignment of the body necessary for classical ballet as they are introduced to a variety of steps including jumps and turns. Focus will be paid to stretching and strengthening the students’ bodies to make them more capable of executing ballet movements correctly.

Beg/Int Jazz

Class work will include focus on rhythm and coordination as students continue to develop a jazz dance vocabulary. Turns, jumps and battlements will be added to across the floor combinations. Final routines will incorporate steps that have been taught and added stylistic elements.

Beg/Int Contemporary

Studying this newer dance form is a wonderful way for young dancers to learn more about self expression and fluidity. Focus will be on movement quality, and the contrast between control and letting go. Elements of ballet, modern and lyrical will be incorporated.


Students will develop their modern dance vocabulary using the basic concepts such as contraction and release, weighted movement, and falls. They will become adept at using their body weight to enhance movement, and showing their emotions as they dance.

Sassy Jazz

This jazz class combines technique and attitude to create a fun and challenging experience for all. Combinations to hot pop music will push the student to perform the choreography with style and sass! Technique, style, and presence will be the focus.

Int/Adv Ballet

Barre work will become more technical, and combinations will become more complex in this accelerated class. Center work will involve increased strength and ability; while across the floor exercises will include longer and more challenging combinations of steps. Designed for students who have studied ballet previously, this class will help get the aspiring dancer or dance student in shape.


This popular dance form encourages individual style while focusing on the development of rhythm and coordination. A wide range of street savvy styles are taught. As students become more confident in their abilities, this class pushes them to pick up choreography more quickly. Styles include popping, locking, and breaking. Students are encouraged to individualize their movement.

Beg/Int Tap

This energetic class teaches the student about sound, rhythm, and syncopation. Dancers learn to use the metal taps on their shoes to make sounds and create rhythm. Basic tap dance vocabulary will be introduced. Combinations of steps will be put together at the end of each class.


Latin dance is characterized by syncopated rhythms and hip isolations. Students will be introduced to this very stylized dance form, and challenged with a new way of moving their bodies. Combinations will increase the students’ coordination through development of choreographed combinations in this distinctive style. 

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