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adult class descriptions

Beg/Int Ballet

This class will focus on ballet technique, developing alignment, strength, flexibility, and ballet vocabulary. Students will learn proper execution of barre exercises, as well as jumping and traveling movements.


This class focuses on the east coast style of top rocking and breaking born in the Bronx, the original dances of hip-hop culture. Learn history of hip-hop, as well as a getting full body workout in this energetic class. This class is suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced level students.


This class is a fantastic choice for students with little to no dance experience. We will cover basics from the east coast styles of top rocking and breaking at a pace that feels comfortable. Enjoy the challenge of learning new moves and
accomplishment of mastering techniques that you can take with you on any dance floor.

beg/int Jazz

This class will focus on jazz technique while improving rhythm and coordination. Dancers will work on isolations as well as stationary and traveling movements while developing their strength and flexibility. Choreography will be taught at an beginner/intermediate pace. Add style and sass to your repertoire in this exciting class!

Jazz funk

We've married these two genres to give you a jazz class that pops with the elements of hip hop! Choreography will accent the music and give dancers an empowering challenge!

musical theatre jazz

Broadway shows seamlessly integrate dance into their productions, and the aspiring performer must be trained to execute any choreography that is given to them. Different sessions cover various styles of theatre dance from the traditional steps of Gene Kelly, to the cool moves of Jerome Robbins, to the current street-smart style of Hamilton. Come join the fun!

Int/Adv Ballet

In this class, barre work will become more technical, and combinations will become more complex. Center work will involve increased strength and ability, while across the floor exercises will include longer and more challenging combinations. 

Beg/Int Contemporary

This class is a wonderful way for dancers to learn more about self expression and fluidity. Focus will be on movement quality, and the contrast between control and letting go. Elements of ballet, modern and lyrical will be incorporated.

Beg/Int Tap

This energetic class teaches the student about sound, rhythm, and syncopation. Dancers learn to use the metal taps on their shoes to make sounds and create rhythm. Basic tap dance vocabulary will be introduced. Combinations of steps will be put together at the end of each class.



Latin dance is characterized by syncopated rhythms and hip isolations. Students will be introduced to this very stylized dance form, and challenged with a new way of moving their bodies. Choreography will increase coordination with fun and dynamic footwork!

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